2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS User Guide PDF Download

2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS User Guide PDF Download

2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS User Guide PDF Download –  Chevrolet is raising the bar in the design of the crossover with the introduction of the 2019 Blazer as the newest member of the line crossover and SUV latest and widest of the industry from 2015. New medium size contemporary SUV is based on a design that draws attention with a seamlessly integrated customer focused technologies and excellent functionality.

2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS User Guide PDF Download

“Chevrolet has been at the forefront of each of the main trends of the automotive industry to anticipate consumer demand and to offer innovative products as Bolt EV. “La introduction of the new Blazer is based on that momentum and further strengthens the most complete line of crosses and SUV on the market today in dia”. “

The positioning between the Equinox and the Traverse, the Blazer 2019 will offer design elements unique to each model, attracting customers who are looking for a distinctive style and an outstanding utility.

Blazer 2019 is the most bold and progressive Chevrolet cross design theme. A wide stance, narrow proportions, a line of high-waisted and spectacular sculptures give you a toned, athletic look from all angles.

“El blazer has actitud”, said John Cafaro, CEO of Global Chevrolet Design. “Se go to command on the road, while it meets the promise of versatility in the heart of each crossover Chevy and SUV”. “

Each model line offers a unique look with a different style to suit the tastes of different clients, including exclusive appearances from grill, extra bright chrome on the edge premiere and a more sinister appearance and blackened to the RS Blazer.2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS User Guide PDF Download

A powerful front end with a strong grille, athletic hood and headlights HID low position distinguishes all models. The design also features a performance of distinctive lighting between the headlights and daytime LED lights.

The long sides of the body, slim and sculpted lead to a back end highlighted by double element with signing of Chevy taillights lit by LED, double exhaust outlets and a spoiler integrated into the tailgate. The Blazer also offers a range of stylish wheels, which begin with standard 18-inch aluminum wheels and expanding at available on the RS and the Premier 21-inch wheels.

The cabin of the Blazer echoes the bold exterior theme with a sporty look. The design emphasizes space, craftsmanship and the customization of the client, with a wide range of options in interior design for different models, achieved through various choices of color and embellishments. Sports details include an area padded knees, air outlets round and handles on the doors.

The new Blazer also offers a first Chevrolet, standard on RS and Premier models load management system. It has a rail system and a load to help ensure smaller items to divide the cargo area.

Seamless and connectivity technology

2019 Blazer is designed to offer occupants a connectivity without interruptions, intuitive controls and a number of convenience features that help to make the unit more comfortable.

Performance and capacity

The new Blazer works with a standard engine 2.5 l I-4 with 193 hp (143 kW) and 188 lb – ft of torque (255 Nm). A V-6 of 3. 6 l, which offers 305 hp (227 kW) and 269 lb – ft of torque (365 Nm) is also available.

Both direct injection engines are equipped with a smart stop technology / boot that stops the engine perfectly when no power is necessary, according to a variety of factors driving, and both are paired with an automatic transmission of nine speeds.

Chevrolet Blazer “El is more than a good apariencia”, said Waqar Hashim, Chief Engineer of Blazer. “Tanto engine four-cylinder Ecotec® 2.5 l as the 3.6 l V-6 engine are matched with nine-speed Chevrolet automatic transmission, which provides drivers a great balance of performance and eficiencia”. “

Traction Select is standard on all models and allows the driver to make adjustments in real time to the driving of the vehicle mode to take into account the different conditions of the road. AWD models, it also allows the system is disconnected completely from the rear axle, which means that drivers can choose your vehicle to operate in FWD when the capacity of AWD is not necessary.

RS and Premier models offer a more sophisticated dual-clutch AWD technology that helps you optimize traction for each condition. It provides excellent performance in humidity, snow and ice conditions, while providing greater stability in dry climates.

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