2019 Honda Pilot Elite User Manual PDF Download

2019 Honda Pilot Elite User Manual PDF Download

2019 Honda Pilot Elite User Manual PDF Download – With nearly 144.000 units sold until November, the Pilot is Honda’s second-most-sold crossover behind CR-V and even surpasses the Odyssey minivan with approximately 48.000 units. Multi-passenger sport is still popular three years after this generation was introduced, but with three-row competitors like the Volkswagen Atlas, Subaru Ascent, Hyundai Palisade, Kia Telluride and soon a new Toyota Highlander to come To challenge the pilot in those sales, Honda gave the pilot 2019 updated a series of significant upgrades to keep it competitive.

2019 Honda Pilot Elite User Manual PDF Download

In my hometown of Los Angeles and on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. You see, in October, I flew with my family to Atlanta for my sister-in-law’s wedding. Like us, many of the guests were from out of town and needed transportation to and from the place. Honda was kind enough to lend me an updated 2019 pilot exactly for that purpose, and then sent it to our office so we could try it.


Both testers were identically equipped with the Honda Pilot Elite AWD 2019 models, loaded with standard features such as leather interior, front and rear heated seats, premium audio system with 10 speakers, system Updated touch screen information and entertainment with navigation and integration Apple and Android car. , Wi-Fi hotspot capability, an entertainment system for Blu-ray rear seats, wireless phone charger and more. For 2019, Honda Sensing’s advanced safety feature set, including frontal collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane maintenance assistance and adaptive cruise control, has become standard in All pilots. The Elite model also comes standard with a blind spot warning system, a rear cross-traffic alert and automatic high-lights.

The 3.5-liter V-6 of the Pilot continues to generate 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque, but the big news is that the nine-speed automatic that comes in touring and Elite models has been rescheduled and updated in response to customer complaints : Not to mention our well-documented problems with our Honda Pilot 2016 in the long run. We will be back on how the transmission works revised in a moment, but first we travel in time to the hot and sultry days of early October in Atlanta.

When I first picked up the car, I honestly wasn’t sure that four adults, my four-month-old son, his car seat, a pram and all of our luggage would fit. But the servant proved me wrong. We had to leave one of the third row seats of the 60/40 division, but once we did, we had enough room to stack our suitcases and still clear the back door. Granted, my mother-in-law had to keep our transports from falling all the way to the city, and I couldn’t see anything out of the back window, but in a hurry the Pilot can accommodate a family of backpacks and backpacks. His things.

The pilot also worked well as a wedding shuttle service. The captain’s chairs in the second row glide forward with a single pull of the lever on the back, which provides a fairly wide path to the third row. Children and adults of medium stature (including some older adults) were able to re-tighten there without complaining, although the higher adults found it more difficult to get in and out of the back of the cockpit. The captain’s own chairs were quite comfortable for the adults and spacious enough for a baby seat, although those who were sitting in front and back sometimes had to sacrifice a little space for the legs to fit.

As this was only the second time I visited Atlanta, I leaned heavily on the information and entertainment system to tell me where to go. Google Maps had just been available for Apple’s display, so I used it mainly to move. While I had a cell phone signal, the application worked perfectly. However, the integration was not perfect. At any given time, I was unable to exit the application to access the infotainment main menu, even after pressing the start and back buttons repeatedly. In addition, I found that voice-to-turn levels are inconsistent: the directions would be the normal volume for one turn and then the next, inexplicably high. At that time, I was happy that the system had a physical volume control. These problems may be errors in the application itself, and developers can fix them at some point.

If you prefer not to work with third-party software, onboard navigation is a reliable, albeit less elegant, alternative. The system never made me go wrong in the unknown streets of Atlanta, although speech recognition is unpredictable when I tried to say my destiny. It usually took more than two clearly enunciated attempts before it finally got the right direction.

Back in L.A., we passed the renewed crossover through our usual battery of tests. In each of them, the Honda Pilot 2019 published numbers almost identical to those of 2016 in the long term. The acceleration, handling and braking performance practically does not change, at least on paper. The road Test Editor, Chris Walton, had this to say in his acceleration test notes:

“Is there an ‘ almost launch mode ‘ on a pilot?! After a generous pedal overlap, the revolutions are set at 2,000 rpm. Lifting the brake, they shoot up to 3,000, and it really works! and sharper. You can really hear the change. This whole experience was unexpected. Top hat for the motor train people in Honda “.

Driving the pilot on the street was not so exciting but still enjoyable. The visibility is good for the most part, except for the thick B-pillars that create a blind spot on the left shoulder. And like before, the Pilot is still a comfortable road cruiser thanks to a soft suspension and a V-6 buttery. Honda also improved its stop/start system for 2019, and reboots are faster and less aggressive than before.

Returning to the nine-speed automatic, I thought the updated transmission worked well for the most part. Every now and then he would get a sudden change in braking to stop me, but beyond that, driving in traffic and at slow speeds in the city seemed quite normal. However, a staff member who spent more time in our former person than I did, said the transmission felt just like before, and that I could still use some refinement.

Improvements may not please everyone, but you could probably live with the pilot’s transmission. It’s a lot smoother than the nine speeds I’m used to in my long-term Chrysler Pacifica, although I think I would still choose a minivan for its third row and more usable cargo area. However, I realize that I am in the minority and that the three-row crosses still reign in this market, one of the reasons why car manufacturers continue to produce new ones. Even between the last three-row batch, the Honda Pilot should continue to be a solid choice.

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