2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 User Manual PDF Download

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 User Manual PDF Download

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 User Manual PDF Download – The Grand Cherokee SRT is an exercise in excess, but his grip racing sports car and the roar of Hemi makes it a high-performance power. This product Jeep with fire breathing features an aggressive body, a sport suspension and brakes reinforced. A pair of V-8’s 475 horsepower with an automatic eight-speed transmission with change of palette and all-wheel drive, and the launch control optimizes all relevant systems for maximum acceleration. 707 HP Trackhawk version (reviewed separately) further increases the absurdity. Even so, both can tow up to 7200 lbs and transport to the family without complaining. The way in which the GC SRT can move around a track, is easy to forget that it is an SUV.

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 User Manual PDF Download

Ready I change capabilities off-road of the Grand Cherokee by shenanigans on road? Enter the 475-hp SRT model. It has almost all quick treats that are in the Trackhawk, except the helical motor, for nearly $20,000 less. Although it is still a lot of money to spend on a Jeep, the SRT offers the same emotion and the sounds of modern cars with an additional dose of space for passengers and cargo. In addition, we chose Brembo brake package to obtain the maximum performance and the package’s maximum towing capacity trailer.


Engine, transmission & performance

The Grand Cherokee SRT first won our hearts with his thunderous Hemi V-8 and its impressive performance. Though its V-8 of 6.4 liters of natural aspiration is mild compared with the supercharged V-8 of the Trackhawk 707 hp, still has 475 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. The SRT we tested soared to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, only 0.2 seconds slower than a Dodge Challenger T / A 392. While the pony car was quicker in acceleration tests, the SUV SRT combined with the note of escape from the Coupe and the sensitive throttle for powerful pulls around the city. With a maximum capacity of 7200 lbs trawling, the SRT can be transported more than a simple magnet.2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 User Manual PDF Download

This high power Jeep has a sport-tuned suspension with Adaptive shock absorbers. Setup is stiffer to that of the Grand Cherokees regular to improve management. However, the SRT was comfortable and silent when driving over smooth surfaces. It has standard 20-inch wheels and our test car wore optional Pirelli P Zero summer tires compared to the standard rubber for all seasons. While the GC SRT specializes in speed in a straight line, it runs through corners surprisingly well given its weight. Its powerful Brembo brakes also helped him stop at 70 mph at 168 feet, which equaled to the Trackhawk and was shorter than rivals like the Mercedes-AMG GLE43.

Fuel economy & MPG in the real world

Those who matter a little fuel economy should avoid the Grand Cherokee SRT. This consumer of gasoline has EPA estimated low and some of the worst results in the real world among its competitors. As you might expect, the SRT has best the EPA estimates that the Trackhawk of 707 hp, just. Even so, the SRT version is one of the least efficient vehicles in this segment. It lost its estimate of 19 mpg on road by 1 mpg during our tests in the real world, and similar rivals were between 3 and 5 mpg better.

Inside, infotainment and load

Inside the Grand Cherokee SRT is adorned with a border of carbon fiber and stitched with imitation Suede accents and leather surfaces. The cabin has ample space for passengers and luxury standard features, but their quality of construction compared to the cheapest Jeep models instead of six-figure of high-level competitors. We also want to massage seats and more customization options available in this expensive Grand Cherokee.2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 User Manual PDF Download

Tuned by SRT Jeep has an excellent system of information and entertainment, called Uconnect, with a full complement of standard features. Its attractive menus and easy-to-use controls provide pleasant interactions, but touch screen responded more slowly to our entries that rivals similar information and entertainment, as well as popular smartphones.

Under their pumped appearance, this powerful Grand Cherokee has the same amount of space charge and the number of Interior cubicles that pedestrian counterpart. This means that you must save 11 bags of hand behind the back seat and up to 24 with the rear seat folded. Although he had an impressive storage under the cargo floor space, booth cubicles were disappointing.

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