2020 Dodge Viper User Guide PDF Download

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2020 Dodge Viper User Guide PDF Download – Since the production of the fifth generation of Viper that ended in 2017, Dodge has lacked a real halo car. Of course, he’s got his spoofed ponies supercharged, Hellcat and Demon, but the faithful of mop need something to face the sports cars of Chevy and Ford.

2020 Dodge Viper User Guide PDF Download

Platform: As before, the new Viper will use a space frame with independent front and rear suspensions. A long hood with a motor hidden behind the front axle, a Viper staple, will remain. Learning from its unfortunate fifth-generation product planning error, Dodge will offer a convertible from the outset; The coupe arrives a few years after the launch. Aluminum and carbon fiber will proliferate, keeping the dough as low as possible because the Viper is likely to lose a little grunt, at least to start.

Power train: Sorry, fans of 10 packages, the Viper is reducing its size. Chrysler is (finally) developing a V-8 aluminum block to replace the aged iron block anchor called Hemi. We assume that a natural aspiration V-8 will be the first engine of the new Viper. Taking a page from the Corvette team, Dodge SRT will likely offer the Viper at multiple performance levels. Think of 550 horsepower to begin with and a supercharged variant of more than 700 hp (essentially a second-generation Hellcat engine) to be released one or two years later. And if we know anything about the engineers on SRT, you’d better believe that there will be a road runner in the jobs designed to challenge the Porsche GT cars and Chevy’s top registration Corvette on the runway. A manual transmission will make it stand out against increasingly automatic competition.

With the Conner Avenue assembly closed Forever, a vendor is likely to connect to screw Vipers, and that could lengthen the development time (think of the Ford GT built by Multimatic). We know that SRT can build an incredible car; FCA just needs to make sure it’s a race car that people really want to own.

Estimated arrival and Price: The January 2019 auto show in Detroit will be the 30th anniversary of the Viper concept debut. It would be a proper tribute to the next Viper to be made public at that time, although we do not expect to see it on the road until the end of 2020 as a model 2021. Borrowing an engine from another part of the FCA line could have a massive impact on the base price. Unlike starting at the lowest six digits, the new Viper could expand its attractiveness slightly starting with less than $90.000.

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