2020 BMW 550i User Manual PDF Download

2020 BMW 550i User Manual

2020 BMW 550i User Manual PDF Download – The speed limit only went from 120 km/h to unlimited, but the type of the Mercedes-Benz C class Black Diesel 10 years old will not get out of my way. We head west on the A8 Highway, about 50 miles southeast of Munich. Spring is late and the icy rain has not stopped for days.

2020 BMW 550i User Manual PDF Download

I’M driving a BMW M550i xDrive 2018 and he wants to eat. BMW says it is the fastest series 5 sedan of all time, even surpassing the speed of the F10 M5 generation, which has just stopped production.


I turn on the high lights again. The Guy knows he must move, he knows I have three times his power, but he won’t move. In Germany you expect lane discipline. This guy must be from Ohio.

Frustrated, I approached his shattered rear bumper. Finally, it starts to change lanes, but first it gives me a squirt of its windshield washers in a final act of defiance. Maybe It’s from New Jersey.

He’s alive
BMW’s Sport + mode tightens the suspension, adds weight to its direction, and injects a serious dose of amphetamine into its powertrain. I turn It on now and the accelerator becomes hypersensitive, while the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, which has been more aggressively tuned for this application, keeps the gears longer and changes speed. Now the car feels alive. With much more force than necessary, I introduce the accelerator pedal M550i on your carpet. The automatic falls quickly to the fourth gear and the double turbo of 4.4 liters releases a serious thrust along with a suitable soundtrack for the V-8.

To emit more strident noises in Sport + (as well as Sport and DSC Off modes), the M Sport exhaust system that is specific to this model includes a butterfly valve, and opening the pipes sounds good, with a pleasant noise. But It is not unpleasant and fortunately lacks the fashion pops and bangs made in excesses. (We’re looking at you, Jaguar and Mercedes). However, BMW is not keeping on a purist line: it still pumps the V-8 roar into the cockpit through the audio system.

The acceleration keeps me pinned on the leather backrest over the entire range of revolutions, and at 6500 rpm at 165 km/h (103 mph) indicated on the digital speedometer, the eight-speed velocity offers a steady upward change to the fifth.

The Accelerator is still open. The traffic is cooperating and the rain has declined. We travel 200 km/h (124 mph) and go through a series of large trucks, a new S-class of silver-plated AMG that yields, and some poor shoots in a yellow Renault Twingo. For A second, I’m afraid the aerodynamic trail of the M550i could make the little Twingo spin like a side-shot victim in Daytona. At the indicated 228 km/h, the transmission takes the sixth March with authority.

That’s over 140 mph. The car, as you would expect from a German sports sedan adjusted by engineers M and driven on a perfectly smooth stretch of the highway, is stable even with the 18-inch Michelin winter tyres equipped for the weather (and the law).

The M550i is governed by 155 mph, but Peter Quintus, vice president of Sales and marketing for BMW M, requested that we keep it less than 240 km/h due to tyres. Just below its maximum speed, turn back to 244 km/h (152 mph). Sans a governor and on their high performance summer tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport 20-inch (19-inch rims are standard), the M550i xDrive could flirt at 180 mph.

M Performance models are slid between the M Sport packages available on models such as the 340i and 540i models, and the complete m as the M3 and M5. This Vehicle portfolio started in 2012 and now includes seven models in the U.S. market, From the M240i coupe to the M760i.

With the new M5 still missing a year, this is as fashionable as the new Series 5 right now, and is already on sale. The base price is $73.095, which makes it a bargain for performance in the class of luxury sedan with hot engine. The Mercedes-AMG E63 and Audi RS7 are much more powerful and also use total traction, but both use six-figure prices. The Mercedes-AMG E43 with four-wheel drive costs almost the same as this M550i, but its double-turbo V-6 is weak in comparison.

This is also the only series 5 sedan with the currently available V-8 engine. Under the hood is basically the same V-8 aluminum block that propelled the previous generation F10 550i. Like that engine, the M550i has two double displacement turbochargers, direct injection, variable elevation of Valvetronic inlet valves, and dual variable timing control for inlet and outlet SPANs. However, the power has increased by 11 horses, from 445 horsepower to 456 to 6000 rpm. The Maximum torque rating, 480 lb-ft at only 1800 RPM, is still the same.

That’s 121 horsepower more than you get on the 540i with a six-cylinder engine, but there are more than 100 ponies less than the outgoing M5. BMW says it will run from zero to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds, which is almost a second faster than what the company claims for the 540i (in which we recorded 4.7 seconds at 60 mph) and a better flicker than the Munich affirmation for the late M5 (our test figure F UE of 3.7 seconds). How did that happen? Well, the traction is up and the weight is down.

Despite its standard system of traction on all wheels, it is said that the M550i is, according to the calculations of Munich, about 100 pounds lighter than the F10 M5 with rear wheel drive and challenged by traction. We’Ll Have to put it on our scales for a more accurate comparison, but we’Ll also understand that M Performance engineers have also equipped this M550i with launch control. The system allows you to accelerate the engine to 3000 rpm when performing a pair of brakes, and unleashes the fury when your left foot steps on the brake pedal.

Sixty miles per hour rise quickly, but it seems likely that the most powerful M5 will eventually plant their tires and pass the M550i before the quarter-mile ends. In the full tread, the eight-pulse speed produces positive and satisfactory changes every few seconds, and keeps the engine revolutions up and down where you want them. Use the shift levers to reduce gearing and combine revolutions accurately.

Multiple Personalities
In the Comfort mode, the default setting, the suspension is softer, the engine quieter and the direction lighter. In This mode, the eight speeds offer creamy changes and the M550i acquires a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere, although the engine is no less powerful. Basically, it feels like a series 7.

Like transmission, the all-wheel drive system has been adjusted for this application. BMW would not offer specific torque divisions, saying only that the system distributes the torque as required by the situation, in an intelligent manner and with a tilt of the rear wheels. And that’s exactly what it feels like on the wet secondary roads between Salzburg and Munich.

The Traction seems endless, even to the front. But There are no indicator signs through the steering wheel that this sedan is also driven by its front tires. It feels organic. It feels like it’S a rear wheel drive. It makes you think you’re better than you are, and encourages the use of a little braking on the left foot.

The Adaptive M Suspension, with a 0.4-inch running height and automatic adjustment of the stabilizer bars, is also specific for this model. The body’s balance is minimal, but there is only enough to let you know what’s going on with the tires as they are loaded and the big sedan takes a set. The trip is luxurious, at least on these polished roads. Even in Sport + mode, it is well tuned for daily use.

Some may think that the direction is unnecessarily heavy in Sport +, but the ratio is correct; In the modern fashion of BMW, however, there could be more feeling. M Sport brakes, which use blue-painted tweezers and feature M-distinctive, are strong and provide a good feeling and a firm pedal.

Other exterior modifications are subtle. There Is A small rear spoiler, a high-gloss black edge around the greenhouse and a titanium finish on the vents of the front fenders, mirrors and grille around. The M Sport exhaust pipes are in black chrome. Inside, it is largely the series 5 standard emission, which includes high voltage adjustable seats in 20 adjustable directions. Still, M Performance improves things a bit, with blue contrast seams (when available with black leather), a M Sport steering wheel, special aluminum mouldings and pedals and illuminated door frames. And, oh yes, rugs.

Since 2012, BMW has sold 70.000 M of high-performance vehicles around the world, 45 percent of which were delivered to buyers in the United States. Germany is only the third largest market for these models, after Canada. Nor is the new M550i likely to be seated around America’s showrooms. Despite the relative coldness inherent in modern BMW, it is a valuable addition to the portfolio.

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